Villa Marchi Project

Linked to the tradition of the architect Carlo Scarpa's school, this villa was built by the architect. Oscar Marchi in the late 1950s.



The architectural and energy redevelopment project of the property has preserved its link between aesthetics and function, maintaining the use of exposed brick on the facade and opting for the refinement of the construction details.


The building has a courtyard layout and sees the main rooms facing the internal garden to the south. On the ground floor, part of the internal courtyard is occupied by a private medical practice, which was used by the owner.
The functional division is clearly expressed by the geometry of the building, through the central stairwell which acts as a fulcrum and separating element, and is strengthened by the presence of a separation wall which rises in the internal garden.


We designed, built and installed the windows, doors and slidings of the villa.


Every single existing hole was detected and, with careful executive planning, was designed and shared with designers and clients before moving on to the production phase.
Some facades, such as on the first floor or on the stairwells, with particular shapes and subdivisions of the existing facades, have been replicated to the extent possible (original single glazing has been replaced by triple glazing).
The objective was to make Villa Marchi, built in the 1950s, a current residence according to the client's livability needs with an eye to sustainability and energy saving.


Here is an overview of the whole project.







The result


From the customer's satisfaction already in the preliminary stages of choosing the materials and finishes, and from the confirmations received in the following months when he moved into the house, we can affirm that the result was excellent, also confirmed by designers who published and shared the project and photos on social media and industry magazines.






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Architect: 3ndy Studio

Photo: Fernando Guerra

Photo: Architettura Urbana