J. Project – U.S.A.

Construction site work in progress


Here is the installation of our windows made for this project located in California.

California, U.S.A.





This project was born from FSC wood


FSC Chain of Custody certification provides a credible guarantee that the products sold come from well-managed forests and controlled sources.

Our commitment to sustainability has always been at the center of our attention, for years we have been FSC certified to make our active contribution to protecting the environment.


The windows and doors are NFRC certified

(National Fenestration Rating Council)

This certification was issued to Fabbio Design in 2016 by the leading US body in the evaluation and certification of the energy efficiency of windows and doors.

The acquisition of the NFRC certification means a lot, it's a great goal aimed at going further and further into the American market, where we want and intend to continue what we have been doing in the USA for well over a decade.

The NFRC certification establishes precise production procedures that comply with a strict protocol for both quality and energy efficiency.





The typologies vary from casement windows to French windows, with fixed or opening sidelights or transoms, rectangular or arched.

Some positions have multiple compositions of opening and fixed doors.




The construction site is still a work in progress, but the installation of the windows has been successfully completed.

After having designed and created these windows and doors, seeing them in place with a satisfied client is extremely gratifying.

And working well is our engine to always go further.





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Collaboration with our dealer Cooritalia.