A beautiful story

The years of a tree can be discovered only by looking at its trunk, at the concentric rings that tell its story. Our first circumference is the family joinery, carrier of the first lymph, rich of knowledge and tradition - the one that allowed us to grow up strong and aware. The rings increase and push themselves towards constant innovations, towards the willingness to reply to an incredibly high qualitative standard and to plant roots more and more distant from us, in order to touch anything outside the box, anything that brings within originality and innovation. Our tree is made up by a cortex of knowledge and professionality and leaves different from one another.

Branches so long that they can reach any single place in the world. They can get to the United States, to Greece, Russia, Asia, Israel. Every ring of ours is a new project because it is a source of experimentation, growth, renewal.

Made in Italy

Our products are thought, drawn, produced and assembled in Italy.

We are proud to bring into the world the Italian design and traditions, to have the possibility of producing personally every single piece of our collection in order to guarantee the unique Italian style.

Frames, doors, shutters that become unique and exclusive objects since they are created one by one by artisans that have kept in their hands the old knowledge of Beauty.

We are!

Choosing to work with us means entering into a unique structure able to guarantee a very tight relationship with those who plan, furnish and build, to always propose concrete solutions that can be a bridge between planners and clients.

We can give answers to any specific request with constant assistance to planning. Our doors and windows are tailored clothes, unique objects that are taken care of from their ideation up to their implementation.

We'll never tell you "This can't be done" - where others stop, we start.

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    If our roots are in Italy... our branches reach out and tangle up all around the world   Some of…


    Our roots are in our homeland... Italy.  


    "The best design projects are those in which people break the rules"


    Extreme floors    





60° anniversary
1957 - 2017

Sixty years of continuous work and improvement;

passion, love, tenacity, dedication, research,

growth and business cohesion, convinced and convincing choices,

a strong vocation, focused objectives, satisfactions.

Thank you to those who trusted us.

Thank you to the architects and the designers who, by choosing us, allowed us to grow together.

We consider this anniversary as one of the steps of Fabbio Design's long journey.

Our mission is to bring the extreme "Made in Italy" to the most beautiful places in the world.


Extreme windows

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