J. Project – Inside our factory

Here is the work in progress of this work, in which we show you how our creations are born in all their production phases up to installation on site.

Inside our factory




After the careful and precise technical design planning of windows by our technical office in close contact with the client's architects, we move on to the production phase.


One of the strengths of Fabbio Design is having the production in the same building as the offices, so that all the creation phases can be fluid and managed in the best way.



The windows and doors made are NFRC certified.

(National Fenestration Rating Council)

This certification was issued to Fabbio Design in 2016 by the leading US body in the evaluation and certification of the energy efficiency of windows and doors.

The acquisition of the NFRC certification means a lot, it's a great goal aimed at going further and further into the American market, where we want and intend to continue what we have been doing in the USA for well over a decade.

The NFRC certification establishes precise production procedures that comply with a strict protocol for both quality and energy efficiency.




The wood used is Sapelli wood, FSC certified.

FSC Chain of Custody certification provides a credible guarantee that the products sold come from well-managed forests and controlled sources.

Fabbio Design has been committed to maintaining this important certification for many years, according to strict protocols and control audits, to give our active contribution to responsible forest management.



Once the raw frames have been made, they are then painted in our internal painting department, another strong point to ensure excellent quality also as regards the finishing of the frames.





The model is Slim Cover, with external Bronze.






After the assembly phase of the frame with all the components, the control tests and quality control are carried out. Very important steps to sell a high quality product.


The packing and crate preparation phase is essential to ensure the safety of the goods during shipment, whether by sea or by air.



Once this is done, all the crates are loaded into the transporter container.




To see these windows installed on site, read this article on our website!


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