XXL Entry Door in U.S.A.

Construction site progress


We love everything that goes beyond the lines, give shape to our ideas and make them concrete.


We never say «It can't be done» precisely because finding extreme solutions is our engine.


In this case, the protagonist of this EXTREME PROJECT is a pivot entrance door with XXL dimensions.


Do you remember this mega entrance door in oak wood?  We designed and built it for a project in America.


The work in progress on site is progressing and here is the (almost) final effect of this special entrance.



The 7-metre-high door (of which 3m of transom) serves as the entrance to this particular, very large and very high atrium.
It will be a very refined and suggestive environment, with high quality materials carefully chosen by the client.



The opening is pivoted, with special hardware for capacities over 400 kg.



The external entrance is certainly effective and characterizes the style of the private villa.



The wood used is Oak varnished in a custom color (from the customer's sample) with visible grain.
The knob handle is also made from a project.




For all the stages of making this XXL door, read the other articles!







Having seen the birth of this XXL entrance door, having followed it in all its phases and then seeing it installed in an important American residential villa is absolutely gratifying!









Collab. with our dealer: Cooritalia