Seductive design,
innovative technology



When even a few millimeters make the difference in the design process of a window, becoming a constant struggle of the creative and constructive path of the profile shapes, when we obsessively set a rate of every detail a minimal specialty that is difficult to achieve but possible if you want , when our goal is not that of a modern tariff, but a window of the times that has been redesigned with thin lines, elegant and hidden coplanar exposed planes according to the tastes of contemporary furniture design, renouncing the usual constructive conditions, today it is direct directly truly MICRODESIGN of the WINDOW and I made it not an "OBJECT but an EFFECT".

Model filed in ADI Milan.

The standard opening handles are minimal with a section of 20 mm with attachment to the concealed profile and a handle-less opening through a micro-mechatronics movement is provided.

In front of a Microframe window we are led to ask ourselves if we are looking at a fix frame or a window. And the answer is "is a Window".

Thanks to the Fabbio Design technology, Microframe Windows has a door profile with a front view of only 30 mm and a fixed perimeter frame profile with various strike possibilities from 25.10 mm up to total disappearance with flat wall solution, the solution that the internal flush-mounted doors also adopt.

This extremely design solution draws the window with a darkened gap of only 4 mm and the door is coplanar with the adjacent plan. The central node of the two doors is only 68 mm both inside and outside, while the retaining edge of the glass on the door profile is only 15 mm.

A system of gaskets made of exclusive silicon compound Ral black 9005 completes the system, to guarantee sealing and insulation.

The handling system is strictly design with concealed hinges and multi-point locking through a robust hardware to give maximum safety and aesthetic performance

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