We believe that boundless imagination, constant research, innovation and everything that drives us towards the future are essential characteristics for us.
They find space in our company because we love and respect past history, an indispensable baggage.
When history happens in our hands, the other world of Fabbio Design opens up: the Epoca line.
For over 65 years we have had a visceral passion for reproducing historical pieces, rich in very special processes.
They can be defined as unique pieces, products for collectors and vintage enthusiasts.



This door was for two centuries the entrance to a historic building in the center of Treviso.
It needed a new life, so we reproduced it while maintaining the fascinating details that must continue to tell its story.
The color is custom (chosen by the customer), the letterbox has been restored, as well as the horizontal deadbolt on the inside.
The flaps and the handle are in iron-rust.