Focus #1 sliding: Villa Marchi

Let's discover the Fabbio Design windows and sliding doors of this precious mid-20th century Villa.



The architectural and energy redevelopment project of the property has preserved its link between aesthetics and function, maintaining the use of exposed brick on the facade and opting for the refinement of the construction details.



Focus #1:


The sliding doors made in our Agile Cover model in larch wood, brushed and painted to sample. The external covering is in aluminum of the same color.



Like the windows, they have triple glazing, with the thickness of the external and internal panes adequate for the size of the hole. From 4+4 of the smaller positions to 6+6 of the large window in the stairwell.
Here too there are corner connections between doors and between recessed fixed glass.
The solution with recessed fixed glass and sliding door with wooden frame only 5 cm thick made it possible to obtain a minimalist effect, despite the high values ​​of thermal insulation and air/water tightness required by the client and designers.





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Architects: 3ndy Studio

Photo: Fernando Guerra

Photo: Architettura Urbana