We love everything that goes beyond the lines, give shape to our ideas and make them concrete.

We never say «It can't be done» precisely because finding extreme solutions is our engine.
In this case, the protagonist of this EXTREME PROJECT is a pivot entrance door with XXL dimensions.
In this case, the protagonist is a BIG SIZE arched fixed mod. Slim Cover: wood with aluminum clad.
In Sapelli wood with natural finish, covered with aluminum with RAL finishing on request, this arch shaped fixed has XL dimensions: 3 meters wide X 3.5 meters high. The weight is 850 Kg.

It was intriguing to design and build it because a window with dimensions and weight like this requires great technical, productive and logistical preparation: phases that must be carried out perfectly, in an impeccable way.
One of the peculiarities of this Big Fix is ​​the section: really SLIM, thin, a fundamental and uncommon feature for having a minimal wooden window frame.
Another peculiarity are the shaped and customized horizontal and vertical divided-lites, wooden from the internal side and from the external one in aluminum with customized extrusions.
The insulating glass is single, with high performance to allow the frame excellent thermal performance, already in itself optimal.
After carrying out the quality checks on the finished window, it was packed and shipped to the United States via an open-top container, suitable for XL dimensions.
Once on site, it was handled with suitable equipment and installed in a beautiful residential house.


Unique piece, the result of Italian EXTREME design and craftsmanship.



In collaboration with:

dealer: Lorenzo Finestre