David Chipperfield – Palazzo Ancilotto Treviso

The renovation of Palazzo Ancilotto

made by one of the greatest architects in the world:

David Chipperfield, winner of the 2023 Pritzker Prize



Fabbio Design designed, built and installed the windows for Palazzo Ancilotto.


In the next articles that we will publish, we will show you our custom products dedicated to this project.



The renovation of this beautiful historic building in Borgo Cavour, in the heart of the historic center of Treviso, the new headquarters of 21 Invest, bears the prestigious signature of the English architect David Chipperfield.



Just Chipperfield, commissioned by Alessandro Benetton to carry out the important project, was awarded the Pritzker prize, thus effectively becoming the best architect in the world.




The documentary entitled "Shared Beauty"

It develops along 6 episodes; Alessandro Benetton will tell the story of the renovation and redevelopment of the prestigious 1500 building.



There will be interviews with David Chipperfield, Antonio Foscari (architect and professor of history of architecture at the IUAV University of Venice), Dino Furlan (CEO of 21 Invest SGR SpA) and Erica Rampin (restorer of Arca Restauri).



The historical-artistic discoveries that have been brought to light by the restoration works will be told. Among the most important are the discovery of a fresco whose creation is presumed between the late 1700s and early 1800s by the Venetian painter Jacopo Guarana and the design of the top floor by the David Chipperfield Architects Milan studio.


A journey through the art, architecture and history of the city of Treviso that combines the story of the recovery of a priceless building, returned in all its splendor to the city community, the entrepreneurial vision of Alessandro Benetton and the approach of shared value adopted by 21 Invest.



Here the trailer of the documentary, from which you can then see the complete episodes:

(Click "Watch on Youtube" to watch all episodes)



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