Collector’s book publication: “Treviso – Grand Tour”


We inform you with great pleasure that we have contributed to the publication of the extraordinary collector's volume "Treviso - Grand Tour".


The book is available in all bookstores, created on the occasion of the candidacy of
Treviso to the title of "Italian Capital of Culture 2026".




One of our most important values is the value of culture with the associated safeguarding and protection of the heritage of our territory.
We are very proud to have taken part in the creation of this jewel to browse through, admiring the priceless historical, artistic, cultural and landscape heritage that our city possesses.



An impressive journey through the symbolic places of Treviso, the treasures of its territory, its excellence and its thousand-year-old culture.
A fascinating walk through history, art, nature and landscape, accompanied by breathtaking images and an in-depth textual journey.
From the Roman Tarvisium to the wonders of the medieval Urbs picta, from the Renaissance walls to the mysteries of underground Treviso, from the churches full of art to the city of waters, with its canals and fountains, up to the magnificent Venetian Villas, to the walled cities , to the Prosecco hills, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and other destinations in the province.


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