Venice “BRICOLE”

A piece of Venice at home.

This UNIQUE product is created from the restoration of the old Venetian “Bricole”, which are groups of three poles delimiting navigable areas in the lagoon canals and providing important information for the sailors.

The “Bricole”, made of ancient oak wood, are carefully selected, restored and assembled during the whole journey after their recovery – all of this thanks to the expert hands of the artisans who are able to restore their original taste while respecting the manufacturing techniques of the past.

These materials carry with them a peculiar history and origin: they have been immersed in sea water and exposed to the Venetian Lagoon’s atmospheric agents for years. This is why the products we derive from them offer a superior resistance and stability quality in comparison with other similar products with different sources.

Hence, they may present some unique and unmistakable features like holes caused by old nails, insects or mollusks, knots, bold veining.

This product has been patented.