MAG.I.CO – New magnetic sliding

The thinnest maglev sliding door in the world


We have dreamed of overcoming gravity for house slides by using high-tech terrestrial magnetic field at a sustainable cost. We wanted to
simulate what in Japan is the technology on high-speed trains, and slide the doors with a touch of hand on air bearings, removing friction.
We were able to support the weight of the sliding doors from above through a floating air-to-air float in the absence of any mechanical
contact and therefore friction, with advantages never seen before in the sliding world.
We have used 400-year-long compulsory permanent magnets without any power supply.
Model registered and tested to ADI Milano (industrial design association) with code protocol 3396




'Zero' maintenance:
With this technology we can extend the useful
life of the frame, and avoid the annoying and
expensive daily cleaning and ordinary
maintenance. Water, earth leaves, sand and
dirt finally have no more aggressive action on
the slides. We can support the weight of
leaves up to a maximum of 1000 Kg and
with fine tracks at 8 m and we are able to
make it easily move the slide by hand without
motorization. It's time to give the house more
design and more efficiency.

We have eliminated any floor profile, any
architectural barrier with the possibility of a
unique visual continuity on the market by
suspending the doors at the top and not
resting them down on the floor.
We have succeeded with "zero threshold" to
achieve atmospheric and air quality
watertightness levels never before seen and
certified .