Blower Door Test

The excellent quality of a building is also determined thanks to tests to verify its air permeability, one of these is the Blower Door Test.

Air infiltrations are a source of heat dispersion and energy waste:
  • a significant decrease or increase in the average internal temperature causes greater costs for air conditioning and / or heating,
  • moreover, mold or condensation can occur due to the presence of thermal bridges and consequent cold currents.
  • Not least is the poor thermo-acoustic comfort due to the propagation of noise and internal convection currents, as well as a possible poor air quality due to pollution from external agents.


The blower door test (BDT) is an air tightness test of a building and allows you to check the air exchange flow of the building envelope.

The results of a BDT consist of a quantitative measure of the level of tightness of the building.

It is a particularly effective and increasingly used system that allows you to search for any construction defects in the building envelope during the construction phase, such as the presence of drafts once the windows are installed.

How is the Blower Door Test performed?

Here the video:


The Benefits:
  • A healthier environment from a thermal, acoustic and hygrometric point of view, in terms of air quality and a consequent
  • significant long-term economic savings.
  • Furthermore, carrying out a preventive check using the Blower Door Test drastically reduces the chances of having to intervene on the property at a later time to repair damage and correct construction defects in the building.
  • It allows to ascertain the correct installation of the windows and its quality.



Fabbio Design doors and windows are certified according to the standards in force, and tests are carried out on site, such as the Blower Door Test, on request.


Furthermore, our qualification as certified personnel as an EQF4 INSTALLER, the highest degree of classification, guarantees a certified professional installation.

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The result is optimal, able to satisfy the client, the professionals, and ourselves.